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My first impression in Escola IPSE



As I first walked through the doors of IPSE, the first impression I got was that of a warm community right in the centre of the Eixample area of Barcelona. From the friendly welcome of Isabel at the front desk, to all of the fellow teachers embracing me as I first entered the staff room, to all of the students wanting to know more and more about me.

I joined IPSE on 1st October as an English Language Conversation Assistant through CAPs (Home to Home). The age group I work with range from 1st Eso (11-12 years old) right up to 2nd Batxillerat (17-18). My job is to try and improve students´ pronunciation, conversation and intonation skills with the English language. With every class I have I usually take 6-8 students out of class and we try and have some fun with the language – the use of games and personality tests has been a great tool to get everyone involved. Something I´ve noticed about the students at this school is that even if some of them struggle with the content they still try their hardest to participate and get as much out of it as they can. This is a testament to the methods of teaching and teacher-student interaction all the way from Infantile right up to Batxillerat.

I have loved my first 6 weeks here at this school and I´m really excited to spend the next year here to see how the students´ knowledge develops as we help them on their way into the world. Also…the food is truly phenomenal.



Ruairi Grego

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